Here’s your WordPress Bootcamp.

Business owner, artist, planning a wedding… just want to speak your mind and share your story in a blog? Everyone needs a website today. You won’t believe how easy it can be to jump right in and make your own. You can do it!

Join me for a weekly 1-hour session in my very unfancy backyard for some drinks and some training. Plus when you submit your email address above, I’ll give you one free WordPress tip a day for a year.

1-Hour Group Sessions

Get together for one hour with fellow local women to learn WordPress, share tips, and drink.

Get the skinny on all the best plugins.

The best thing about WordPress is that it’s modular; you can expand the functionality of your site in almost limitless, often free, possibilities. Let’s talk about some of the best products out there.

Kind and Gentle Training

I’m an Oak Park mom with 2 sons at OPRF. I’m 5’4 and 52. I’m nice and funny. Let me take all the scary ideas you may have about web development and toss them out the window. It’s fun and very empowering to make, develop, and maintain your own site. Not to mention it’s way cheaper.

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We’ll talk all about content

Without a doubt, the biggest thing people stress about is CONTENT. How much to write, what to write, what do you need to think about that you aren’t. I can break this down for you and help steer you in the direction to come up with easily digestible, easily produced content.

Why me?

I’m a certified UX designer who has built over a hundred websites across many different markets. Before that, I was a graphic designer in the educational publishing industry producing textbooks for K-8th graders. I’m hardwired to visually communicate and teach. Plus I’m a big tech geek. Just thinking about getting together with a bunch of local women and drink wine and talk WordPress makes me giddy.

Want to learn more? Check me out at

Need a little Extra?

If you need a little bit more than you can get in an hour or two, I’m available for these services as well:
Phone Consultation

Phone Consultation

Site acting wonky or you forgot how to do something? For a per-minute fee (based on 15 min chunks), I can be your Tech Support consultant from 9 am-9 pm.

One-on-one Training

One-on-one Training

If you’re new to WordPress or have an extra complicated, large, or plain old confusing site and need some more personalized instruction, this is for you.

Website Design & Maintenance

Website Design & Maintenance

I’m always glad to work with you to plan, design, & develop your site. Click here to see my portfolio and experience.

My Two-Cents

Haha, I’ve got a lot of opinions. About websites, about blogging, about colors, about design, you name it. Check out my blog. It’s new but you wouldn’t believe the amount of blog ideas I’ve got in my head so stay tuned for more.

Contact Me.